This catalog uses some terminology which you may be unfamiliar with.

Gross: a "gross" refers to 12 dozen, or 144.

Searching the Catalog

Our online catalog has basic search functionality. You can search by either a complete item number, or part of an item's description. (Note that search results will only show up if what you typed matches exactly to part of an items description.) If you wish to see an item on its original page in the catalog, each item in the search results has a link to take you to that page.

Keyboard Navigation

You can use your keyboard to help you move around the catalog. Here are the keys which you can use:

(Left arrow) Go Back a Page
(Right arrow) Go to the Next Page
'T' Open the Table of Contents
'H' Open the Help
'S' Select the Search Box
'G' or 'P' Select the Go to Page Box

Photos, Videos, and "Light-boxes"

Most items can be viewed at a larger size, indicated by an icon labelled "Enlarge". To see the larger image, simply click on the photo. To close the image, click on the 'X' icon.


Some of our interactive items also have videos for you to watch, indicated by a "See It In Action" link next to the item. Click on the link to open and play the video. To close the video, click on the 'X' icon.


Some information in the catalog is shown in a "light-box" overlay, just like the photos and videos. This light-box is a part of the same page, so to close it, do not click the "Back" button in your browser. To close the light-box, simply click on the 'X' icon.